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Ninjutsu seminar Banja Luka - BiH
Seminar with Yūshū-shihan Andrej Jasenc
Bujinkan Ninpo Seminar with Andrej Jasenc
Seminar with Sensei Jasenc in Novi Sad
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Ninjutsu seminar Banja Luka - BiH
We are proud to announce and invite you on our annual seminar with Ysh Shihan Andrej Jasenc from Slovenia. Theme of seminar is Kotō-ryū虎倒流 and Takagi Yōshin-ryū Jūtaijutsu 高木揚心流柔体術.

For training you will need Bokuto

Seminar fee is 40 Euros for both day until 10th April. After that and on day of seminar price is 50 Euros.

Also 22. April is day of our city so on Saturday night we might expect some nice events in town which could bring to better enjoyment in seminar itself.

If you wish to participate please send us private message and we will respond ASAP with registration form which you will need to fulfill and send us back until 10th April.

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